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Chocolate and Stilton and Port: Oh my!

8 May

A fine balancing act?

So my friend Charlotte from the big city (pictured above) visited my little country bumpkin home the other day and with her she brought gifts. Having heard rumours of a master chocolatier that had concocted a Stilton and port truffle she headed down the road from her centrally located London office and into Paul A Young’s Wardour Street shop to purchase 4 such truffles at the astonishingly stifling price of £7.

I’m not going to deny that I’m a bit of a cheap skate- I love a good bargain and loathe being over-charged. I’m one of those people that jumps at the chance to express how, for example, ‘this whole meal for 10 people only cost me £5; isn’t the reduced aisle great?’ or ‘these shoes only cost me £2, second hand but already worn in- how wonderful!’.The one thing that I do not mind spending money on is cheese; if its got the look, the smell and the rustic/exotic name I am sold no matter how much the price. Therefore, since these chocolates contained Stilton their expensive price tag could temporarily be overlooked.

Temporarily being the key word.

Paul A Young is a chocolate pioneer; he loves to experiment with new flavours and is described on his website as an ‘inspirational…creative flavour alchemist’ whose concoctions are always ‘perfectly balanced‘. So far, so good; some may even say brilliant and give him a standing ovation. Some already have and have given him numerous awards. Plus he is a fellow red-head and that makes me want to support him even more.

I was thus ready to forget my previous disappointment when combining cheese and chocolate (please refer back to ‘When Chocolate met Cheese’ in the archives) and jump into Paul’s creation head over heels with no thoughts of turning back. Chocolate and cheese couplings could and would prevail! Second chances were worth giving and this time the results would be both beautiful and captivating.


The chocolate taste was definitely there, the port was present, but where was the Stilton? Where was the tangy blue cheese flavouring? We chewed the truffle over…even going as far as to say that there was a ‘slight Stilton after-taste’ in order to avoid utter and irrevocable disappointment. We gave it a shrug, the shrug of neutrality. A fine chocolate that didn’t offer within it’s folds a fine cheesy taste-bud sensation. Paul’s balance was off the mark and if he was a tight rope walker he would have fell.

To put it harshly and dramatically these chocolates had been an over-priced lie.

I bemoaned this outcome for a little while before considering the old saying ‘the third time’s the charm‘ and also ‘three is the magic number’. Two disappointing chocolate and cheese experiences later yet I still believe there is a great CC(Chocolate cheese) out there, but like the ruins of Atlantis and El Dorado it’s treasures as of yet remain undiscovered to my cheese-biased palate.

Any suggestions in order to solve this great mystery would be warmly received.

In order to find out more about Paul A Young you can check out his website at:

There is also an all together more cuddly and jovial article about him at:

(also written by a red-head: We are taking over!)

Charlotte assures me that, although this particular truffle failed to pass the uber-experimental mark, his shop is filled with other wonders such as Salt and Black Pepper Brownies and Marmite flavoured truffles. Also, his countless awards can’t all be irksome lies and the chocolate itself was divine, albeit lacking in Stilton flavour.

For now, I will leave you with this Schoolhouse Rock classic and continue to hope that my third CC tasting will be a resounding success.

Also, I just realised from Youtube comments that the video is actually three minutes long. Ah, good old School House Rock- always consistent.